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Koodos Says I Need to Call Bell to Port Number

The Koodo store was unable to port my land line to my new Home Wireless hub account.  They advised me to call the Koodos Customer Service Rep. and they in turned advised me that I had to call and advise Bell if I wanted port my land line to my new Home Wireless with Koodos?  Is this normal procedure?  My fear is contacting Bell and losing the number.



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In some cases Koodo won't be able to complete the port. You need to call the port dept at Bell, which you won't get to until they have made efforts to keep you. Make sure your land line is paid up and not on some term deal as that may be the glitch.
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There are also some communities which are so small that the local telco has exclusive access to land line numbers, as there are insufficient customers in the area to support more than one telecommunications provider.

Thanks for the replies.  The bill is pay in full and their is no term on the contract.  Also, I live in a large urban area where I wouldn't think that Bell has exclusive access to land line numbers.  I am not looking forward to wasting my time with Bell in trying to getting them to release the number. If I was happy with their service I wouldn't be making the switch.
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I had the same issue porting my Dad's home number with Bell to Koodo home phone and had to contact Koodo directly through their Facebook page on a private message and they were able to help so you might want to try that perhaps.ive ported many numbers before with ease but Bell seems to be difficult for some reason, it's not usually difficult at all just an odd circumstance
I finally found a solution without going to Bell.  Using the online port self-service option it noted that the address of my Koodo account and Bell account was not the same.  I made the correction and the number is currently being ported.  It is unfortunate that the Koodo Customer Service Rep couldn't have noted this discrepancy in the first place.
I just had to do the same and the store rep did see the error and was knowledgeable of this Bell issue with addresses not.matching. the address number needs to be five digits. E.G. If your home address is 52 XYZ street, it needs to be entered as 00052 XYZ street for it to match the Bell system to allow for a port. Still remains to be seen how long it will take for my number to be successful ported.