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Koodo will not send mail to addresses ending in @mail.com

When I change my email address to use "mail.com" as the destination, koodo will not send mail to my email address.

I've had a few people argue that mail.com is not a valid destination. If that's what you think then I invite you to go to mail.com and open a free account. I also know that some servers block "mail.com" because they think it's spam or something nasty.

Also under conversation type why not a "Fix me" or "Not happy" or perhaps "displeased"

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Hello John,

My understanding is that you are trying to change your email address on Self Serve. Mail.com is an email client that I've tried in the past and changing your current email address on Self Serve to a Mail.com address should work. If you are experiencing difficulties with that, I cordially invite you to contact us via private message on Facebook or direct message on Twitter. We will be able to look into this.

We look forward to assisting you!