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Koodo Tech Support: using pages from Telus?

  • 24 August 2019
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It would be appropriate to have a Koodo outage webpage since Koodo charges for many things which even though can be done online.

That being said. I have to question the protocol of Koodo tech support which seems to be dealing with the normal CSR.

From my experience, the CSR must follow a scripted rigid checklist before escalating it. It makes no difference whatsoever if the customer lists all the steps the customer has done to troubleshoot. The unyielding scripted process requires the customer to repeat the process while the Koodo rep is on the phone with you.

Furthermore, I really wonder if the CSRs and even tech support do whatever they can to end the call and close the ticket (assuming they create a ticket). I have many examples, but the latest one is where there was a network issue in one particular area. Calls were not being relayed to the device and one couldn't receive or make any outgoing calls. Should someone try to call, there phone would ring, but the recipient's phone wouldn't ring.

In the above example, the issue was partially resolved once leaving the area where Telus/Bell tower was located. The issue would return once I returned back into the area. To make matters worse, on another Koodo line in another nearby city, there was an abundance of dropped calls, When called support, all they would do is push a network reset. If your phone worked then problem solved, ticket closed. Yet, the "no answer and no outgoing call" issue remains unresolved and who knows if the ticket is closed automatically.

Frustrating matters more is the poor outdated VOIP system Koodo causing gaps and pauses when trying to deal with the Koodo reps outside North America.

Koodo really needs to step up in regards to tech support. In the past,I've had Tier 2 and Tier3 Rogers senior tech analysts spoke to me to resolve many of my network issues. I suspect Koodo sends of serious escalated tickets to Telus directly.

2 replies

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It is Koodo's intention to do away with first line support altogether and have the digital assistant take over the process.

That said I have no idea what their internal troubleshooting protocol is and I doubt very much they'll be sharing it with the public...
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Ive had the same experience at koodo going through different tiered tech people going back and forth with text message as they fixed my issue so the support is definitely there if they feel it's necessary.