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  • 22 May 2019
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Hi there, my account number is 35613876. I initially signed up using a refer-a-friend offer, however it was cancelled after my number was incorrectly ported and both my friend and I received an email that the referral did not work.

Can someone please explain why and how it can be added again? My phone number is up and running so I can't re-use the link that they sent me.

Thanks in advance!

4 replies

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What do you mean when you say your number was incorrectly ported
When I signed up for Koodo, it gave me a new number instead of porting my old number, even though I chose the "transfer number" option.

When someone went into the back end to change it, they had to cancel my first account/number and the refer-a-friend disappeared.
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Ah, ok I know this issue. Let me flag this to a rep for you
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Hi @vvn! Thank you for reaching out to us! If you have received an e-mail advising you that the referral did not work, please visit this page https://koo.do/2wdCfuK and fill out that form at the bottom of the page. Please provide there both phone numbers, the referred one and your friend's phone number. Our Refer a friend team will be able to look into it and apply the credit. Thank you!