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Koodo-only Wifi Hotspot

As Koodo customers, I believe that it would be appreciative and beneficial for Koodo cellular users to have access to a Koodo-Customer Only Wifi Hotspot in Koodo shops. For example, Shaw customers get free internet access in public places that have Shaw Direct. I found out that through personal experience, this comes in handy many times. It is something that influences your final decision when chosing a carrier.

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Good service, knowledgeable and helpful staff, a good selection of devices to choose from and competitive pricing are what influence most people when it comes time to choosing a mobile wireless provider. I really doubt that a Koodo-only Wi-Fi hotspot would be a deal closer, at least not for me. Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere. Coffee shops, restaurants, truck stops, airports, train stations, libraries', hospitals, hotels, motels, shopping malls, the list is endless. Most shopping malls have some form of guest access Wi-Fi and since Koodo kiosks generally reside in malls, there really isn't a need for Koodo-exclusive Wi-Fi hotspots in my opinion.
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I agree with rikkster. Since Wi-Fi hotspots ARE everywhere there probably is no need for Koodo-EXCLUSIVE Wi-Fi hotspots. Setting them up would only be another cost Koodo would have to recover from customers.