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Koodo lost my phone number during a port-in

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- Filled out a port-in request from self-serve on Saturday. Fido to Koodo Prepaid

- Old account was shortly cancelled after filling out request. 

- Ports have always been instant for me in the past, so I asked koodo on twitter why it was taking so long. They say it's normal since it was requested on a weekend.

- 2 days later, number is still not ported.

- Today, I call koodo customer service, they tell me there was no port request filled.

- So now my old account is cancelled, number is lost, and all customer service can do is say sorry and offer me a 25 minute booster.

Can Anna please advise me on how this issue was solved?

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Sorry this has happened to you, Peter. However as per Anna's answer in the thread you linked to, this is something Koodo will need to work out with you directly. I suggest you call the number, or a newer (and faster) method is to send them a private message on Facebook. I'm sure you will get your number back, they don't get lost that easily 🙂

Edit: you say CS is not able to help you, have you contacted Fido yet why they cancelled your account without releasing the number to Koodo?
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Hey Peter!  A port in request generally takes 2.5 hours and automatically cancels the service with your old service provider.  If you called them to cancel before the port went through it would be the reason why it didn't go through. Other reasons why a port wouldn't go through is if the wrong information was provided while filling out the port request (PIN number, account number from the other provider).

We don't have access to your account right now to know what happened. As Sophia suggested, you can always send us a DM on Twitter and we can continue the conversation from there and figure out what happened with your account.  If we aren't following you send us a quick Tweet asking us to and we will follow you!

Thank you 🙂!
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Can you confirm whether you yourself contacted Fido to cancel your account?