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Koodo - long distance charge of 1663 +taxes

  • 1 August 2022
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Hi there,

I have 2  phone lines and  my mom who is hospitalized  and got her heart surgery and was mentally unwell at the time, made several calls to my country on July 8th. , 9 , 10 11, 12  from the hospital.  But Koodo only advised me on July 12 th that my bill was over 1663 and with taxes it comes to $2000, are they legally allowed to do that (to wait until my bill reached a high amount , prior to advising me) ? I spoke to several agents and I am unsatisfied with the  low credit they are offering me … I wished I was advised on July  8th of the unusual activity on my account   instead of 4 days later…


On July 12th, when I called the agent told  me that nothing can be done since the charges are pending and asked me to call back when the bill is ready.

Today, I called and they said they can give me a small credit , but nothing can be done since the it  is already charged. … I don’t understand why I wasn't help on July 12th when the charges were pending.

They said that their system is set-up in a way that they can’t advise people on time if there is an important amount on their phone bill …….


I have been a koodo customers since 2017 and I have always paid my bills on time. This was a very unusual activity on my account and the first time  that I am complaining about billing yet not once could help me.


Is there a higher dispute department I can speak too ?

3 replies

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I’ll flag a rep to see if anything else can be done for you.

There is no warnings on long distance charges, only for data and roaming charges. The CRTC has only mandated the notifications for data and roaming charges because phone minutes are easier to track and manage than roaming and data charges (which do have limits).

Unfortunately the CRTC only mandates that customers be alerted to high data overage charges both in and outside of Canada.

You can escalate it to a supervisor/manager, I don’t know if Koodo has Office Of the President but I assume that they would have something like that.

But please keep the following in mind, because I have been on the business end of situations like this and you may get satisfactory resolution if you do the following:

  1. Remain calm, be respectful and don’t be an entitled Karen. Yes it is a frustrating situation, but it’s not the fault if the person you are talking to.
  2. Keep in mind that you willingly made those calls which means that they don’t have to offer you anything if they don’t want to, because should have known the call rate before you called.
  3. Be willing to meet them half way/offer a solution.
    IE. Is the country you are calling covered by an add-on like Int'l Long Distance Saver?
    If so then offer to add this to your plan and keep it for an agreed amount of time and in return they will adjust the per minute rate for all those calls to the add-on rate instead of the full rate. Going to them with a possible solution is better than having your actions say “Here. You do it because it’s not my job”.

I could go on about other things, but the fact that you have always kept your account in good standing will be helpful to you if you follow the first point above.

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Hello @Siddra! Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re very sorry to hear about this!

We checked your account and sent you a private message with more information.