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Koodo Limeridge Mall Hamilton, ON is awesome!!!!!!!

In my opinion, Koodo is seriously the best cell phone carrier! I am so glad I switched providers. My dad has been with Koodo for almost a year and a half now and I wish I had made the switch sooner. They have very affordable prices, lots of options for people with different budgets, good coverage, and most importantly AMAZING customer serivce. In the short time I've been with them I truly feel that they are for their customers and I don't feel like im being treated as a $$$$ sign but rather as a customer that they want to keep. Any problems I've already had they try very hard to fix. The reps at Koodo Limeridge Mall Hamilton, ON are awesome! LOVE you guys keep it up and people will continue to flock to Koodo!!!!

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Wow, that is some nice praise 😃 I haven't visited a Koodo booth yet, living out in the boonies, but I'll make sure to do so in the future 😃 Actually I find people here in the forums very nice and helpful too, I was quite surprised, knowing how much cell companies are hated here in Canada 😛
@Sophia BC Iol I've just been soooo unhappy and had so much trouble with many of the cell phone carriers I've been with in Canada that its so nice to find a really good one. And even as you said, the Koodo online community has really nice and helpful people too. Definately check them out!
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Any reps specifically? 😛
I've delt with a few different reps and they were all awesome each time they helped me 🙂 But the girl who set me up with my phone initally was Vanessa