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Koodo is Pathetic

  • 19 October 2021
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Its been almost 3 weeks now, trying to come back to Koodo. Spoke to 4 different customer service rep. None of them provided me a solution instead given different info. Why these reps are not sync with the Koodo policies. All the calls were more than 1 hour including 2 with waiting for more than 1 hour. Being Telus company, thought Koodo would be better. but no its pathetic. Wasted my time without a solution. Bye bye Koodo.

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11 replies

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What's the issue thst you have? Did you want some assistance?

Hi Goran,

I was on Koodo earlier and changed to another operator in July 2021. Realized later Koodo was better then as compared to my current operator. Also got a phone from Koodo, for which I was paying installments too. On 04 Oct asked Koodo rep to initiate my request to return to Koodo including if possible, to continue paying for the phone in installments. He confirmed that it is possible, but he has to create a new account for me and after receiving my new sim card I should call back Koodo to port in my old number to new account and also to continue paying your phone cost in installments. I contacted the Koodo rep on 15th Oct, telling them that the new sim card in not received by me so far, this time the other rep informed me that seems there was some confusion as new account creation was not required. If I am still holding my old Koodo sim card, we can reactivate that and also you could continue paying for the phone in installments. As the old SIM was not handy at the time talking, she promised to call me back either in the evening or Saturday afternoon. But no one called to follow up. I once again rescheduled a call on 18th Oct (yesterday). This time the gentleman informed me that we can cancel new created account and reverse the bill and also can reactivate your old sim but unable to offer you to continue paying for your phone in installments.

Why all Koodo rep are not having same info, why every time the info was different. Doesn’t this show their knowledge about their products and services are not UpToDate.

Now I left with couple of hours to pay my remaining $700 for my phone, and the reason for this is the unprofessionalism of Koodo reps or should I say Koodo’s lack in training to their staff..

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I’ll flag a rep for you to see if he can solve your issue. We can’t help you with account related issues without accessing it. A rep can do that for you. 

When and how a rep will contact me. I have only today …

Thanks for the response.

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If you cancelled your account in July to move to another provider any remaining tab balance owing on your phone would have been charged to your final bill at that time. There would be no payments to resume. If you simply left that balance unpaid for nearly three months, that in and of itself could cause issues with reactivating the account, as overdue balances would typically need to be paid off before it would be possible to do so.

My account is clean so far, thats why Koodo is able to reactivate it.

Its about different info from different reps


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Reps come and go on the community and there’s no real time frame when they answer posts. 

Scheduled a call before 10 mins. Accepted call, clicked 1. But the call dropped after waiting for 5 mins. This is insane. 

Freedom mobile customer service is far better than Koodo. Shame

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I haven’t had any issues with the callback system… Did your phone drop signal ? Didn’t they try to callback one more time? 

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Hello! We are sorry you feel this way and thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the whole experience, we will make sure it is submitted and reviewed. If you still require help, please let us know and it will be our pleasure to look in to it for you and hopefully find a resolution. :)