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Koodo has changed.

  • 13 September 2022
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I have been with Koodo for over 10 years but their service model has changed and unfortunately it is no longer a company I can trust when I need to speak to a customer service representative. There is no way to speak to a live agent unless you go through their virtual assistant who will set you up for a call back in 2 or 3 days! 

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5 replies

Terrible service. What kind of company makes it so that if you need any help you have to schedule a call back (mine is 3 days from now) which literally makes it impossible for me to get help. What a joke. My son is on Virgin - he hits chat - and is instantly connected to a human all the way up until Midnight!!!!!!!! Seriously. I am laughing at how horrendous this company has become. And to think the CEO/Big brain investors make big money hahahaha.

I agree and will be terminating my service with Koodo tonight.

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So, you two are just ranting...

You are not seeking some answers? We might be able to answer your question or give you a right direction?

If you are still dissatisfied, I agree changing providers is another option.

Good luck to you both with your new provider.

Thanks Mayumi your message has helped me to know that I’m doing the right thing changing providers. 


ALOT of koodo customers have been expericing issues since May 2022, including my self. Koodo/Telus is has grown away from providing service for they cell.