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Koodo Gave me credit, but they deserve credit too!

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When I bought my Samsung Galaxy SIIx in the fall, about a week later Koodo started offering $50 off if you upgraded from a BB Curve to the SIIx, which is EXACTLY what I did. I sent an email asking if I could get in on it, even though I was in before the deal went live. I got a very friendly call, and while they weren't able to give me the full deal, they knocked $35 off my tab. In the end, I was a happy customer. Thanks Koodo for being a great company to do business with.

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And that is why I am with Koodo after 20 years with Big R.... Unbelievable customer service...
I can say that Koodo is extremely good like that. When i smashed my old phone the Galaxy Ace, (only dropped it literally a foot and the screen smashed) they gave me a credit of $50 to put towards my tab, just because i wasent using my phone for a couple of months because it was smashed. it was a great help!!!