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I currently have a koodo plan from February 2015 when the koodo contribution was in effect. I have $25 remaining on my tab balance and was wondering: if I do not upgrade to a new phone or plan, will I still receive the Koodo contribution (toward a new phone) once the tab is paid off in February? When I originally signed up, the draw to switch to Koodo was that if I keep the phone the whole time, I will receive a positive contribution after the phone was paid off. After looking at their new plans with tabs, I don't like them because the cost is more per month, or for the same price the customer receives less. Just wondering if they will keep contributing $7.50 each month after the phone is paid off.

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If you upgrade, no. Unless you really want/need another phone, you're better off waiting for it to accumulate a while. It'll take you 20 months after February to reach the full 150 and then that will be it.
Thank you for your knowledge! I will baby this phone for as long as I can. Although, if I upgraded to a new phone but kept the same plan, does the contribution still apply to the plan?
They continued to contribute until I changed my phone. So best bet is keep your old phone until you have a good positive tab then use it towards a new phone.