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Koodo Contest Idea - Sharif Khaled

I wish there were a close buddy system that people can have the liberty of choosing. For example, all my friends and I have Koodo! And it was I who brought them to join the blue'n'pink side. So now that my group of best friends all have Koodo, I thougt it'd be cool if we can create a buddy system where all four of us get a 10% discount when connecting with one another! Or maybe since we're already a group, (like a family thing), maybe we have a 10% discount on all our bills, and this could be known as the Koodo family system, (in relation if a father wanted to get his entire family Koodo accounts, he would have this advantage). But yeah, these are just ideas since my 3 best friends and I are really close and thought it'd be coo if Koodo can get us even closer! 🙂 good day!

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