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  • 28 November 2014
  • 5 replies

CIBC's payment app doesn't install on the Koodo network. Telus is accepted. Since Koodo's network is essentially Telus, is there any reason it couldn't be incorporated here?

5 replies

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Doesn't that require a special sim card as well? Koodo doesn't have these yet, but they shold.
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It needs an NFC sim Glen. And only on certain phones: https://www.cibc.com/m/features/mobile-payment.html
What the heck is an NFC SIM card?
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NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices.

Great news! If you own an NFC enabled smartphone, as of June 15, 2015 you can purchase an NFC Sim for $5 from any Koodo Shop that will allow you to tap and pay for purchases with your phone where available. For details visit https://www.koodomobile.com/mobilepayment.