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Koodo chat - now says page not found.. Wow why is this company even operating for??

  • 13 September 2022
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I have been have issues with my cell reception since May of 2022. Any where I go there is a lack of connection. I have 4 separate phones (family) experiencing the same issue. I have talked to koodo several times and have seen that many of the koodo customers are experiencing the same issues. a tech reached out to me back in June to review my issues, and even though I have reached out to Koodo for a tech to call me back, it never happens. 

Now today, I am attempting to arrange a call back and when I attempt to access their chat page (https://www.koodomobile.com/chat/) it notes that the page cannot be found. What are the other options to contact koodo?

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10 replies

Same problem, I need to speak to support and theres actually no way to talk to a real person. I have an extra charge on this months bill and I need to dispute it. 

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You guys can ask your question here. We can help with your bill and/or flag a rep of necessary. All you have to do is present your issue here and we can take it from there.

Thank you Sophia, I am still having issues with my families cell reception, with several attempts to obtain updates to my technical ticket I have on file with koodo. This issue has gone on far enough and I either obtain a full disclosure of the issues at koodo to address this or I am changing providers (and not to telus). You can PM me for any additional information. 

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@JoeyJoe666 try this link Koodo Assist to schedule a callback.

thank you rikkster, that worked

WOW.. earliest call back is over 48hr away. Very disappointing. ill make sure people know how my experience with koodo/telus so they can decide if they want to go through all these hassles. 


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WOW.. earliest call back is over 48hr away. Very disappointing. ill make sure people know how my experience with koodo/telus so they can decide if they want to go through all these hassles. 


Which phones do you have?

I’m sorry to hear about the callback delay. While waiting for the callback, we can troubleshoot here to see if the problem is network-related or a phone issue. A restart or a network reset of all phones might be all that’s needed to resolve the lack of connection problem. 

Troubleshooting was already conducted using the 4 separate phones I have with koodo. It was determined it was a tower issue and it seems that koodo issue and is in no rush to address it. This has been going on since before May 2022. The lack of addressing this issue at koodos end tell me that people should reconsider using this company or Telus (koodos parent company) for their cell service. All of my troubleshooting communication should be connected to my cell number if you really plan to help me out here 

48 hours is a blessing response time. I scheduled a callback - only option was 3 days and they never even called. I think everyone got laid off or let go. That or someone needs to tell Koodo that April Fools was over months ago and nobody is laughing except the ceo/investors who go golfing on Saturdays and laugh at all of us for spending money on a joke we didn’t know was a joke. 

update: got my call back. Customer service was very nice, however my issue still remains. It was indicated to me that their hardware was being swapped out and it has been a terrible blow to their network. Seems that alot of good knowledgeable people were let go and cheaper staff replaced them. I guess they may finally see that you get what you pay for, and waves of people are leaving koodo & telus due to their poor wireless network. I am now one of them. I was with them for over 10 years, and when I could not obtain a reasonable credit for all the issues I was experience, my family and I left koodo. Maybe ill be back when they are finally able to address their networking issues, and by then they might finally realize that customers pay their bills and we should be treated with more respect