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Koodo Cases, rewards for customers and advertising for the company!

  • 13 October 2014
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Make and give away cases for Koodo’s top
selling and most popular phones. A useful.gift for customers and a flashy piece of advertisement for the world to see. When you buy a new phone customer’s can choose a color of case for their new phone, free of charge. The cases would be a simple one-piece case in solid colors (The Koodo colors, orange, green, pink and blue). 
This idea would impact the customers as they are receiving a cool and stylish phone case with their purchase. The company would benefit from this idea, as it is a forum of advertising. If customers like and use the cases then their phone becomes an advertisement for Koodo. The cases will take advertising to a new level. Being seen every time someone pulls out their phone to make a call or check a message.
A way to get current customers involved could be to send a mass text to customers offering a complementary case if they come in to a Koodo store to claim their reward. Customers love to be rewarded.
The production of the phone cases would be the largest cost to execute this idea. The nature of these cases are simple as they are one piece and easy for production. The price of production would vary on how many different phones the case was made for. This is why only having the case available for the most popular phones that Koodo is selling at the time will be and important part in reducing the price of executing this idea.

2 replies

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I think this has been suggested before, but I like that promo image! Did you make that?
Yah I made it.. thanks!