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Full credit goes to the original poster. Here is the link to the discussion. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/koodo_2014_wall_calendar I would totally back this up. I know it might be a material thing but maybe give one out to customers or sell them cheap online or at the stores. Just something a little extra that could be looked into. Say hello to Mr. February!

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Its such a good idea Tyler ! they would be a hit ! customers beg for the El Tabador mini muchacho when they walk by our kiosk. If KOODO started to produce calendars for the new year they'd be gone in days. They already have allot of pictures of him that the KOODO page posts on facebook, they can obviously take stills from commercials! I know I would have one up hanging up on my wall right next to my mini muchachos and my El Tabador bobble head !
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Hey@Zaphod, funny idea. We're keeping this in the books!