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koodo believe that im roaming on US while im actually on a domestic flught

  • 27 February 2024
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Got an email from Koodo saying that I was roaming in U.S. while I was literally on a flight from YVR to YYZ. And Koodo wants to charge me like 20 bucks, good for Koodo. Does anyone know who should I contact for this issue? Thank you very much.

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3 replies

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Hi @Jet_Z 

The notifications regarding the Easy Roam rates are sent when the phone connects to a non-Canadian carrier to inform our customers about the applicable rates when the services are used. More about how Easy Roam works and how to prevent unwanted roaming charges can be found here 


If there is no usage made, no charge should apply.

We didn’t see any charge on our end for the pending bill. Do you see any charge on your end? 


Hi, my bill is not out yet. The whole email is just  insane to me. I am on a domestic flight with Wifi, how come I get identified with a US carrier? Tell me, how to use 5G from a US carrier on a YVR-YYZ domestic flight? Apparently, this is what Koodo think what I’m doing.

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YVR to YYZ goes through the US.  During that time you may have connected to a US tower (however briefly).  This would be the only way the notification would have been generated.  Next time make sure to keep your phone on airplane mode.  Hopefully it was just a welcome email with no actual charges.

These notifications are automated so no one from Koodo is thinking you are doing anything except connecting to a US tower to trigger the email