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Kitchener ON - Conestoga College - can we get any coverage improvements?

I just started a one-year program at Conestoga College. I have found to my dismay that in large parts of the Conestoga Doon Campus Main Building, I get anywhere from No Service to 0-1 bars of signal on my Nexus 5. So far I can say:
- In A-B Wings, ground floor hallways, I have signal in most places.
- Inside A Wing computer labs such as 2A205, 2A207, 2A304, I usually have no signal with the occasional appearance of zero bars.
- In E Wing hallways I often have no signal at all.
- In basement levels of all wings I usually have no signal.

According to the ertyu.org cell tower map, the nearest tower Koodo can use is a Bell tower located 1 km away past the opposite side of Homer Watson Drive. In comparison, the nearest Rogers tower is right on campus, in a building designated on the Site Plan as "Service Facilities / Power House". Students in my classes who have Rogers or Fido plans have perfect coverage indoors.

Is there any chance we'll see improved service at Conestoga for Koodo customers?

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I quite honestly doubt that Koodo/Telus will do anything to improve coverage within a building. If it's that big of an issue for you, I'd just switch to Rogers/Fido. It's very difficult to get good reception in huge buildings like college/university campuses without building a tower right next to it. Plus, having a tower a km away, isn't that far. The investment it would take to get a tower there just outweigh's the benefit to Koodo. 
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Mathieu wrote:

I quite honestly doubt that Koodo/Telus will do anything to improve coverage within a building. I...

It's a busy campus with a lot of users. It'd certainly be worthwhile to improve network quality in the area.
Well the Rogers transmitter is clearly on a physical tower that the college uses for all sorts of other radio applications so I doubt Bell/Telus would have to build any physical structure to deploy their equipment on campus. Normally yes 1 km away is not that far when you have access to low frequency spectrum. However the main building is very large and most of the interior is too shielded to receive that 1 km away signal.

I do have a very good Koodo plan I may not be able to get again and would not want to sacrifice it. About half the students on campus are using Bell or Telus and would benefit greatly from improved coverage.