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Kids smartwatch

  • 31 January 2021
  • 3 replies

I got the $25 plan for my son's smartwatch. It's a kids smartwatch that can make calls but can't connect to the internet. When I don't have the SIM card put in, the watch says "insert SIM" when I try to make a call. But when I do put it in, there is like a no service sign in the corner of the watch and it lets me dial a number but then it says the call cannot be made.

3 replies

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What kind of watch is it? A lot of the kids branded watches you find online only work on the 2G network which Canadian carriers don't support anymore.

Can I change the plan? Or would I have to cancel this one and get a new SIM?

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If your child has one of those watches that Allan mentioned, it wouldn’t be usable in Canada at all :( Rogers used to support 2G but I don’t think even they do any longer.