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Kick Back to Keep Custumers

It's common for Koodo and the affiliated stores to offer.gift Cards for new activations. But what about existing customers. (Right now I could get $125.gift card for a new activation with purchase of a new phone, but NOTHING if I buy a new phone as an existing client -- thus making me look at other companies for the next 2 years) By giving a.gift Card for customers upgrading phones, we'll stay, and be more likely to buy a phone from Koodo more often.

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This has been brought up numerous times and isn't something that's likely to happen. You had the opportunity to take advantage of any deals Koodo had going on at the time you first signed up with them. If you signed up outside of a promotional period, that's not Koodo's fault. Now the customers who are signing up for the first time now are getting a promotional.gift. To each their own but It's actually fair for everyone.
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Every cell company does the same Sheila. You could play musical chairs and move from one to another but it may not be worth the hassle.
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If you watch the ad's, there are upgrade.gift card offers from time to time. Its not all the time, but it does happen. Even while its not earth shattering, the iPhone 4S currently has a $150.gift card at retailers that is for both new activations as well as upgrades. So just stay on the look out and youll find them.