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Keep text messaging on the new website

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Please keep the text messaging service on the Koodo website! It may not be the most used feaurue, but it is highly valuable at times. And it was one of the reasons we signed up for Koodo some 4 years ago. I've had a look at the beta-version of the new website. While it definitely looks nicer, I could not find the text messaging form anywhere. At times, I am outside Koodo reception, or my battery is dead, or I left my phone behind - but I still have internet access. Thanks to the old Koodo website, I can send a quick text to a family member. Also, I have friends abroad who can not send text messages to Koodo numbers. It just doesn't work. But they can use the web form on the old Koodo website to get in touch. Then I can call them back, which brings extra revenue to Koodo. While one could use the email-to-text-gateway, it is not as easy and quick as the online form. Please keep it when you switch to the new website!

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You could suggest this idea using the submit feedback form on the new website too!