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Keep Current Customers in the loop with better deals!

One of the reasons I love Koodo is the continuously better plans you can, at no cost, switch to whenever you like! But Koodo should advertise new plans not just to potential customers they are trying to *woo*, but to current customers who have earned 'upgrades' with their loyalty, too. It has happened [i]more than once, where - just out of sheer curiosity - I've checked out other plans and found, to my disappointment, that there is a new plan that is literally just an UPGRADE to the one I am currently on. Why not monthly "Hey Koodo customers - here are great new plans to upgrade to!" emails? Why not make customer's really swoon and personalize those updates according to what our current plan offers. [b](I think it would be easy to assume that someone with a Nation Wide plus 50mb data monthly plan would LOVE to know that they can switch to a Nation Wide plus 250mb data for only $5 more a month!) It's all about rewarding the loyal, right? 🙂

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