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Just got back from the Dominican Rep. My phone cannot find/connect to a network.

I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. When I first arrived I turned on my phone for a short while and the roaming feature icon became visible. I was connected to a network down there but due to lack of interest I turned off the phone for the remainder of the week. Now that I'm back in Canada the phone won't connect to a network. I pulled the sim card out as well as the battery yet the problem persists. "Searching..." My phone's clock is still that of the Dominican Rep. which is an hour ahead. I've also tried turning airplane mode on and off and also connecting to the network manually. Samsung SGH-A667T

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Make sure that your phone isn't set to 2G only. Koodo has no 2G GSM network.
How/where do I check this? -edit Never mind the phone finally picked up the network. Thanks.