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Okay so i have bragged about koodo to plenty of friends. And theyre always shocked and want to jump on board, but are usually stuck in those "awesome" 3 year contracts. 😛 so i propose a way that koodo would team up with the potenchal new client to help them buy out of there other plan and get onto koodo. One would be able to make payments to koodo slowly instead of a huge $500 bill all at once. All just to cancel your other phone plan. So i guess koodo would have to take the $500 hit first and then charge the customer over a period of months. Even if you do a one year payment plan or a 6 month payment plan that there new koodo bill is higher due to the paying you back fees. I think people would apreciate it so much. Esspecially people who do not usually have that kind of money just sitting around to blow. Ie. students or even just the average joe now a days usually does not have $500 lying around in the couch cushions. I believe people will jump at the chance to be able to get out of there contract and be set free.

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