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Is this considered a fraud?

I was calling Koodo so I could cancel my account. The account is under my father. But it's for me, I use the phone and I am the one who checks the bill online. He does not come home until very late and he has trouble speaking english so my father told me to call for him. So when I called Koodo I told them the information they asked for (#, name and pin) and later they said I was doing something illegal, pretending to be my father. I did not exactly SAY i was the owner but I knew all the information such as my father's name, date of birth etc.. I was very offended when he called me a fraud and was told I had to goto a kisok if i wanted to cancel my account. They put a note in the account and said to tell my father to bring a photo id.. The closet kisok is about 20mins away. My dad does not always have free time to do this. (another reason why I had to make the call for him) I just want to kno was what I did was really wrong?

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Dont worry about it Linda. I have done the same thing for my mom and grandma (they only speak cantonese) when I was younger too. What sucks is that you got caught (only because I assume you are a girl and probably do not sound like your father). Koodo only has this security in place to prevent fraudsters from messing with their customer's account. Dont let their hard tone scare you. If your father indeed does not have time, you can try to call again with your father on speaker phone. However if they still insist that you have to go to a kiosk, then that is something your dad must do. It's inconvenient, but sometimes grownups have to do things because there are no ways around it. He will just have to make time.
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Dennis wrote:

Dont worry about it Linda. I have done the same thing for my mom and grandma (they only speak ca...

I've done the same in the past, but seeing as though I've always had a rather deep voice (even deeper than my father), I had never been "caught". That being said, I'd second Dennis' opinion that it's really not that big of a deal. Yes, it may inconvenience your father to have to go to the kiosk, but these rules are in effect for a reason. It's not difficult to obtain personal information and impersonate someone to mess with your account. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Koodo Guy wrote:

I'm pretty sure that they asked you YOUR name, not the one on the account in the first place.

Let's not assume anything.