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Is there any way to retrieve messages from your Galaxy Ace once they have been deleted by accident?

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Unfortunately not, Jessica. Sorry to hear that, it must be important. You mean text messages, right? Because if it is e-mail, you can go to your computer and actually be able to retrive it in your email from your archive or deleted folder.
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Hi Jessica, I too am sorry to hear that. Though it won't help you for your lost messages, it might help for the future: I actually downloaded an app called MightyText (there are more backup apps, but this is the one I use) to make a backup of all my text messages. They keep them for 6 months and it allows you to view your texts on your computer too.
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If you can get in touch with the person/people you were texting with and they still have the messages in question you can get them to re-send them if they're important.