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Is there a way to set the OS download updates on wifi only? Galaxy 2

I have 500 MB data a month. So far this month OS has chewed up 226 MB. All when I turn on data to check Facebook and email for a few minutes each day! Rarely does OS seem to download an update in the evening or night, when I am home and on wifi. How annoying!

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Are you talking about the Software updates or application usage? The two of them are VERY different things.
really not sure... I have My Data Manager and it says OS Services 226MB - 63.8% of my data used since Mar. 22 Facebook 69MB 19.4% Internet 19MB Outlook 16MB everything else is small potatoes....
So I assume software updates...
Software updates won't be done automatically. You actually have to accept the update for them to download.
Well... whatever it is... can I make it stop?
It never asks me to accept anything... I can go on FB for a few minutes... check my data after and Fb has used 1 MB and OS 20 mb in the background somewhere???? I just don't get it!
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Hi Peter, what phone do you have exactly? S2 or Ace 2? Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
S2 Yannick
It has just happed again... Turned Data on,I went on Facebook for maybe 10 minutes, shut data off... checked data Mgr and 36 MB used... 1 by FB, 36 by OS.
In the same time frame... OS used 262 MB on mobile data, and 230 MB on wifi... and I would be on wifi 100 times at least more than data, which I turn on and off 2-3 times a day for a few minutes...
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Peter, you may want to try some of these suggestions: http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/26178/why-has-my-samsung-galaxy-s2-become-a-data-hog