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Is returning phone after trial period possible?

I've had my phone past the 15 day trial period (about 2-3 months now) but I'm not happy with it. Will Koodo let me return it, for a fee? if so, what is that fee? Or do I have to try and sell it?

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Hi Mariah, If you're unhappy with the phone itself you can always sell it, or trade the phone in towards a new phone at a Koodo kiosk, keep in mind that you will get more for it if you sell it than what Koodo will offer you for it. When you are within the first 15 days you have the option of returning the phone and changing to something else without having to pay (unless the cost of the phone you choose is higher in price). Also when getting a new phone you will be required to pay off your tab balance, this can be placed on your next bill or it can be paid for upfront when getting a new phone. Hope that helps answer your question 🙂
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Basically, yes there is a fee, and that's to pay off the phone, but you can't return it. It's yours to keep or do whatever with, including selling. Daniel has the right idea. What changed over a few months? Why don't you like the phone now?