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Is Koodo planning to add LTE band 7(2600) like Bell?

  • 8 January 2014
  • 3 replies

Just wondering, because I'm using a non-Koodo phone which uses LTE band 1,3,7,8 only. I know Rogers and Fido have band 7, but in my area the signal is pretty bad with them. So by any chance, is there any plan going on with Koodo to start LTE band 7 like bell? Thank you.

3 replies

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EDIT: Okay, never mind lol I would assume Telus would have to enable this on their end for it to go through.
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Koodo uses 4G LTE 1700/2100Mhz WHich is band 4 & 1. No news on band 7 as of yet.
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I doubt TELUS will bother with band 7 expansion, considering that the 700 MHz spectrum auction is set to begin in six days.