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Is Koodo planning on expanding coverage in Manitoba?

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So, as my primary residence in SE MB is outside of Koodo's HSPA+/LTE network coverage, I will not be able to upgrade my cdma phone to a 4G phone and benefit from the extended coverage! I will have to change carriers, which I do not want to do. This really bugs me as I've been with telus/koodo for almost 10 years and want to stay with them but may not have a choice soon. I need koodo 4G access where I live! we're in pretty much the only 4G koodo coverage gap along the transcanada highway, from BC through to Thunder Bay. If extended coverage won't help me, what will other than going to another carrier? "Manitoba extended coverage is available to customers with HSPA/LTE phones whose primary residence is within Koodo’s own areas. Not available for prepaid customers. Data transmission speeds are lower, resulting in longer loading times for video streaming applications and file downloads, and some applications may be unavailable, in extended coverage areas. Use of voice, text, and data services in extended coverage areas is limited to a maximum of half of the customers’ available monthly usage for each service." http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/coverage-maps