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Is Koodo online the only place that offers $50 GC with Nokia Luminia 520

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Finding this phone to be the weird phone out of the lot when it comes to buying it in store, or to get the $50 GC. Out of the 5 local stores that deal with Koodo, only 2 sell it, the Koodo Kiosk, and lonfon drugs. London Drugs does not offer the GC with it, yet it does with every other phone listed. Futureshop doesnt even carry the phone, yet all the others. Is there a reason why this is?

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It says 'Free $50 bonus.gift" for Nokia Lumia 520 on Koodo web site. If it said bonus.gift, it is for accessories. If it says .gift card" then it will be a Visa.gift card. The retail stores such as Future shop or best buy and ,other store have their own promo with the store use.gift card sometimes.
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At Koodo Corporate locations (Koodo Shops/Kiosks) they offer the Nokia 520 with a $50 bonus.gift that is applied towards accessories in the Store upon new activation on that transaction. This offer is for new koodo customers/new lines on current accounts, does not apply to upgrades on a current koodo account.
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Thanks for the info. No one but London Drugs or the Koodo kisok carry the Nokia. (unless you do prepaid at Walmart) London Drugs offers nothng on this phone, yet every other phone they have a GC. But if I can get $50 worth of free stuff for the same item, I will have to go to the Koodo Kiosk