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international/longdistance unlimited calls please :)

make a unlimited call plan/add-on for long-distance,. 🙂

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They already have this for Canada. I doublt you'll get one for international though.
il pourrait y avoir une option qui transforme son plan canada en plan international, on pourrait alors appeler l'international depuis le Canada et ce serait inclus dans le forfait...
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Except the add ons "International Calling (LD Saver): except for Manitoba" and US roaming add-ons
Mais avec cette option tu paies a la minutes tes appels internationaux. Les prix sont très intéressants c'est vrai mais j'aurais aime que les minutes de mon forfait puissent être utilise pour l'international sans frais a la minute additionnel...
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How about better LD rates? I use Startec and call the UK (0.02/minute landline, 0.07/minute mobile) and Bosnia (0.08/minute landline, 0.20/minute mobile) constantly. I do have a monthly $5 fee, but I get 60 bonus minutes for Bosnia. Koodo would charge me $2/month without any bonus and my rates would be 0.15 /min for the UK and 1.00/min for Bosnia. A DOLLAR/minute WITH the LD Saver. How much is it without? I don't really need Koodo to give me better LD rates as I have alternatives, but I'm sure Koodo wouldn't mind the extra revenue from LD, in which case the rates need to get better - a lot better.