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Insuffucient Storage on my Galaxy Ace Phone

  • 29 November 2012
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I keep getting an notice that I have insufficient storage on my Galaxy Ace phone, when i go to my settings, then memory usage it shows 109MB used and 72MB available on my phone but my card is almost empty when I try to move apps to my card it won't let me, the button that says "move to SD card" is grey and won't let me use it? Do I ahve to uninstall ther app and put it on again?

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10 replies

It will work as you said until you update those apps again. Updates typically add information to the existing app, thus taking up more room. The best things to do are either remove unnessicary apps from internal storage completely or moving to the SD card, otherwise, the top solution is choosing a new phone with a larger internal storage on upgrading.
My phone was doing this and i found by uninstalling updates and clearing data works and prevents it from doing it again. The updates just reinstall anyway but for some odd reason it works...
Honestly, if you want to get another phone, the Galaxy S2X is a better phone than the Ace series I've found. I upgraded back in December from the Galaxy Ace to the S2X and I couldn't be happier. The big problem with the Ace is the Internal storage, it's VERY small. So Apps that will not move to the SD card (Facebook for one) can eat up your internal storage and give you this problem. I know from experience how frustrating it is, but there's not much you can do about the Internal storage issues but get another phone
good thing I asked my question. someone already asked and I just got my answer. Thanks 🙂
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Some great suggestions so far. If that's still not really helping you, then quite honestly my suggestion is get a bigger SDcard or get a phone with better internal storage. Ace 2 x has 4 GB + expandable, S II X has 16 GB internal + expandable.
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Also, if there are any applications that you don't use such as Gmail that has been automatically updated for you, you can uninstall those updates; that should save you some internal storage. Only certain applications can go on your SD card, mainly games, etc applications. Applications like Facebook will have to be installed in the phone's internal storage.
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My son's phone was doing this this morning so I went into Apps and went into each app and cleared the cache. Some apps can have huge caches, especially gmail and instagram. It gave him a lot more internal storage back. Maybe this might work for you?
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Alot of app won't move to a SD card as they believe it will impact their performance which can happen for some app but for a lot it is not the case. That and any pre installed app will not allow it You can fix these annoying limitation by rooting your phone. If you just Google your phone and OS version you should be able to find a guide pretty easily.
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Some apps will not install to the sd card. Generally this is the case if they need to run in the background or push notifications to the phone. 72 mb available should be more than enough to avoid low memory warnings though, unless you're installing something huge. You may need to back up your phone to the computer with samsung's kies software and try a factory reset.
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You should check if no video is recorded and stayed on your phone, if so just transfer it to your SD, I had same issue - I did not have any app installed and did not pay attention that 17 minutes video still stayed on my phone that I did not save or deleted