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Increased LTE coverage

I would love to see LTE coverage in Owen Sound.

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That's up to Telus, not Koodo. When Bell releases LTE to Owen Sound, Telus will switch more than likely switch it on too (since their HSPA networks use the same towers) or vice versa. Bit off-topic, but we have a Mobile Shop in Owen Sound! We sell Koodo. Go to the Zehrs and see Joanna. We'll take good care of you. Tell her I sent you lol
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They are increasing it rapidly, Rob. We don't have LTE yet in our small town, but a few weeks ago my husband and I went to a larger town in BC and suddenly I saw the LTE symbol for the first time there. I was stunned, because we really do live somewhat in the boonies 🙂
LTE is partially available on the far east side of Owen Sound, just waiting for it to show up in the core...
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I'm in Sherbrooke (160,000 people with suburbs) and no LTE yet 😞 Only HSPA+ 42Mbps. Only Rogers does LTE in my city. Now, I'm on prepaid, so I wouldn't have access to LTE anyway, so...