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Improved Phone Customer Service

When calling any company for help, the most frustrating thing is having an automated message list off options that don't really fit your question, and then getting stuck in a never-ending automated loop when trying to speak to a real person.  if you could create a Siri-type application for you telephone help, not only would it reduce man-hours and wait times on the phone, but it would also let your customers ask their questions and get answers that way.  It will reduce the frustration of getting caught in automated loops, save your customers time because they will not be stuck on the phone and it will lower the volume of calls requiring help from a customer service representative because easily completed tasks can be done without customers giving up on your automated system and looking for a customer service representative. If they can say what they need and have the system take them to it, that will make life much easier

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After you have called Customer Service a few times, you should have the number (out of 7 options) you want memorized. It also might help to write down a few of the specifics of your problem, before you call, That way the 30 second option list may not rattle you so much.