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Improve User Experience on the Koodo Community

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While I like that Koodo has a type of achievements list that gives you badges for using the forums I think there are some key things that will help improve the day to day use of the forums as well as make it easier for new comers to easily navigate what is currently more like an FAQs section rather than a community. 

While the front page of the Koodo Community has the relevant links to navigate the forums in its current form it is very intuitive and gets lost amid all the colors, title boxes and clutter in general.

* I think it would help to reduce the number of colors used especially because of so many jarring contrasting colors which fatigue the eyes.

* The Highlights page while useful seems to be based more on the number of replies than it being a current hot topic of discussion as can be seen by the 8 month old last replies.
 - Fixing this can be done either with more involved community member moderation or better algorithms for keeping this area fresh.

* The navigation for the forums being on the right side of the screen gets lost amid all the banners, and title headers everywhere and need to be placed else where, perhaps the top of the page below the Koodo banner.

 * I think recent discussions should be the first thing you see as it gives people a quick glance at the activity level of the community as well as having interesting topics from all the different subsections in the forums.

* It might also be a good idea to consider having mini contests to increase user engagement in a more thoughtful way such as Polls which require user written responses, like using social media to increase awareness of Koodo while answering the poll with twitter in conjunction with the forums. 

 * It might also be useful to rethink the amount of space for the right side bar vs the forums content as right now there's so much going on the right side it almost overwhelms the actual content on the front page.

* Having a Q&A session once a month or prior to big phone or phone plan releases on the community forums will also help towards more user engagement. Have users submit questions over the course of a few days and come back with responses for them as appropriate.

These are just some of the few things I think will go a long way towards helping improve the over all community forums, spread the word about Koodo and increase user engagement.  

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I think they should hire you as "consultant" . You have put some really good thoughts here! Let's see what will become reality out of these.
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Thank you for the compliment, I'm looking forward to see what changes we can drive as a community though it looks like koodo has been quite receptive to community ideas so far.
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Cva V wrote:

Thank you for the compliment, I'm looking forward to see what changes we can drive as a community...

Looks like they are already implementing some of the suggestions. The mobile version of this site no longer has the split between "highlights" and "recent". It looks much cleaner. In case you haven't seen it take a look: https://c.getsatisfaction.com/koodo