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If you had to pick ONE thing that you liked about Koodo what would it be?

This is a strange question, but I keep getting asked why I like koodo - I have a few thoughts but I am having a hard time picking just ONE thing - I was wondering what other people think, and I don't know if this is the right spot for this, but I have been wrong before. Thank you

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I keep thinking that it is the cost of the plans but I am not sure, this is why I want other people's input (make it easy if somebody asks me again). 🙂
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Hard to pin it down to one word, but for me it would be fair. After all, cost of the plans is about the same across the board. But this is the first time I don't feel like I'm getting screwed. When they have new plans or plans only available for a short time everyone can get them. That was one of the things that killed me with the other. They launch a new plan but I who was an existing customer of theirs could never get it. It was only for new customers. I always thought that was such a bullshit.
get the best plan and dont have to sign a contract to have it!
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Personal. With things like this forum Koodo seems more personal where you can bring your questions, concerns & ideas straight to the attention of the company & they actually listen to what their customers want. If you have an idea that is doable then they will implement said idea, so you have the ability to sort of have a say as to how the company does certain things & it's great.
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I guess it would be that koodo doesn't have a term length. I was tempted to say this community, but realistically Rogers has exactly the same thing and they don't make it into a 'game' with points and badges and all that, which I personally find preferable and much more professional. If you asked this question a few years ago, the answer was obvious imo. Cheap plans with per second billing. That's not the case anymore.
mattjs wrote:

I guess it would be that koodo doesn't have a term length. I was tempted to say this community, ...

I understand the professional part put I also like the game part of it, where you can tell that you are doing something, not just typing for the sake of typing.
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It's hard to pick one thing, and being on prepaid I probably have different criteria than most. What attracted me to Koodo is the simplicity and clarity of their website, and the ease of use of their self service. I was with Rogers in the past and their site is a disaster, I hated (still do) even visiting it. Then I had to jump through hoops to enter self service, and the very worst: it was impossible to view my data usage either on the day/week pass or the monthly add-on and know what was left! There were other irritations, such as I once purchased the 500MB addon and then cancelled it the next day, thinking it would last the rest of the month and not auto renew, but no, it was gone and the remaining 495MB data lost. Rogers was very kind when I called and added it back at no cost, but still... those are silly things that should not be possible. Telus' site is infinitely better, I absolutely love their self service and the way you can view your day to day use of data. Koodo just shows you what is left of your booster, which I don't like as much but overall Koodo is better so I can live with that. I could pick a million other reasons why Koodo but you asked for ONE, so here it is 😃
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Sophia wrote:

It's hard to pick one thing, and being on prepaid I probably have different criteria than most. ...

The Rogers horror stories... My sister had Rogers and every single time she would attempt to use the Rogers site, it never worked. For the whole 3 years, the site never worked as it was always unavailable. Personally, I love Koodo because of their customer service. They actually help. Also, the plans are created with the "youth customer base" in mind so currently, I have a plan that is perfect for myself. Also, being a Mobile Master and getting free perks helps too ^-^