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if i transfer my home phone line from bell to koodo for wireless home phone will it affect my internet service with bell

hi 🙂 i am interested in wireless home phone service, i want to transfer in my number from bell. but by doing that, will porting the number in affect in any way my internet service with them? thanks 🙂


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Porting your number shouldnt have any effect on your internet services. You may want to look at your contract and/or contact them about any fees you may incur though. I know for me, with a Fibre Op bundle, its actually cheaper to have Internet, TV, and Home phone, than it is just have Internet and TV.
Hi Allan thanks for your reply. I'll have to look into it before I do anything. It sounds like it shouldn't be a problem though thanks 🙂
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When porting a landline the system should ask if there are any other services on the line. Make sure you specify that there is DSL service. When the line is transferred, bell will send techs to the CO to disconnect it at their end. If the techs are not told to leave the dsl, they have a tendency to simply pull ALL the wires.