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i was wondering how many phones can i have on one bill?

i have 3 phones on my koodo right now and I was planning on getting my other 2 kids,and my wife a phone can i add 3 more phones to my bill?

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Hi there Kevin... If you are eligible, based on your credit information, you could be eligible for up to 5 lines in total....
so no more than five,because i really don't want to start another tab or bill?
is there any way i can have 6?
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Kevin Pursley wrote:

is there any way i can have 6?

Like everyone is saying 5 is maximum but sometimes they may allow you to open a separate account. Problem is that account will have its own billing cycle and separate bill.
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Nope, 5 is the max. You could always try prepaid for 6th one though.