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I want to switch to a new phone while keeping my tab balance.

I have a Nokia Lumia 520, which costs the same as a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 x. (150 dollars each. But with the tab, its free) I have only paid about 9 dollars on the tab. Will I be able to switch to a new phone while I still keep my tab balance of 141? But with a different phone.

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You can if you want apply the available Tab (in your case 9$) to a new phone (if you remain at the same Tab level). Or if you open a new line you can get a 2nd Tab of 150$ to get the phone for free (if you're approved for 2 lines).
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Sure. All you do is ask for an upgrade (aka Tab redemption) but you add $0 to your tab so you're essentially paying full price for the new phone... I guess you could use the $9 if you wanted. John's suggestion of adding a line works too, but unless you have someone else who's willing to take over a monthly plan, it would suck having to pay for 2 different phone lines while only using one.