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i want to get hooked up

I HAVE A OLDER KOODO PHONE UNDER 2 YRS. OLD IWAS ON A MONTHLY PLAN I WOULD LIKE TO GET IT HOOKED UP ON YOUR $20:00 plan can it be hooked up with out me going to one of your kios

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Sure you could, I don't see why not. Since you'll be bringing your own phone, you can apply for a 10% monthly discount as well 🙂
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You'd have to call 1-866-995-6636 to activate it if you don't want to go into a store/kiosk. Activation fee may apply. Make sure to have valid ID as a credit check will be done. If the phone is a sim card phone, you have to a sim card before you activate. If the phone isn't a sim phone, then you're good to go.