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I wanna switch to Koodo but it'll cost money to buy out of my bell contract... does Kodoo help ofset the cost of switching?

I am paying way too much for my bell phone.  I wanna switch.but there is a problem.   I have about a year left on a contract.

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Canceling the contract is just you paying the remaining subsidy for your phone.  Just make sure you get it unlocked first so you can use it with any carrier (if it is an iphone, your cheapest bet is unlocking through your carrier, if it is android, check out ebay)
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Another thing to keep in mind is the savings of your plan when you switch. Look at your cancellation fee with Bell. Then multiply your new monthly fee with Koodo by the months remaining in your Bell contract. Add them together. Then take your monthly fee with Bell and times it by the months remaining. If the amount you'll pay with Koodo is more expensive, it's not worth switching unless you really hate their customer service too. If the amount with Bell is more expensive than switching to Koodo, then it's worth it. I know the feeling of being unable to afford new devices or paying a cancellation to switch. I got stung by that a few times before and it's hard to recover. Good luck in your decision.