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I try to connect to my wireless at home with new Samsung galaxy s111 and it says network disabled because internet connection slow

just got galaxy s111 today and cant go online because wont connect to my wireless I have a bell I have a 2wire gateway router from bell

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What kind of Internet speeds are you getting on your computer when you do a speed test? I do know Bell has some very slow Internet speeds which is why I didn't go with them in my area when I was looking for a ISP.
I dnt know how to do a speed test. is it easy?
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Travis Creighton wrote:


holy! That's fast! I wish my internet was that fast... Glad to hear you solved the problem 🙂
fixed it! I was putting in the wrong security key. I was putting in a number off the sticker on my router and while I was searching for internet speed I looked at the security in the properties section of my wireless connection and when I selected the show charactors I noticed