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I scheduled a call back. Why do they all go straight to voicemail??

I am porting out my number but apparently, port protection is activated on it. I do not recall ever requesting for this. I have scheduled a call back but the calls go straight to voice mail! I don’t have any blocked numbers. I’ve also sent a message on Facebook messenger but have yet to hear back. All I want to do is remove this port protection and it is really frustrating to just get a hold of customer service.

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If the callback is not getting through, the most likely situation (based on past posts on the comminity) is that you may have koodo’s number blocked.  Please check the number you have blocked to make sure koodo is not one of them.


Note that koodo on facebook is not a live chat.  They will work through the queue and get back to you within a day or so.

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Hi @n1x_r 


Thanks for reporting the issue here! 


If you didn’t get a reply from us yet, please rest assure one of our reps will respond as soon as possible. Is there a different phone number you can schedule the call back on? 




All is well now folks. I only had to restart my phone and calls were now coming through :sweat: Thanks