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I received a return envelope to return my defective phone but there is no return label or instruction.

  • 29 August 2017
  • 8 replies

Is it normal to receive a return envelope without a label or return slip? I have a defective phone I've been trying to return for 2 weeks and just received a large white padded envelope with no address to send it back to Koodo Warehouse. Now what!?

8 replies

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Does the padded envelope have a sticker on it?
i think they just forgot

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It should be in the box that the padded envelope was shipped in.
Not this time. Completely empty.
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Hey Olivier - there's typically a letter with instructions included, which the the return waybill is attached to. Looks like this may have been missed - apologies. I've flagged this to the team and they'll send a replacement out asap.