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I really need a phone,and this one sounds amazing

I can only afford to pay for one phone,so that honor goes to my 12 year old son...After being hit by a drunk driver,and unable to work funds are tight...I have heard great things about Koodoo and would love to experience it..Cheers

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Welcome, Anne 🙂 First of all, do try to win the S3... you never know you might just get it 😃 Is there any particular phone you find amazing? You didn't mention any specs... and we all love to hear what you are looking for 😃
i have a samsung s11 and i love it and my friends have the three and say its the best phone ever im going to upgrade soon
Any phone you purchase will be good enough to suit your needs I am sure. The Galaxy SII is the phone I currently operate - I updated from an Iphone 3gs and I find the Samsung to be far superior. After trying the Samsung Galaxy SIII, it is incomparable in speed and versatility. You will not be disappointed in what this phone can do.