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I need more than 5 phones on my account!

I've been a customer for about 10 years with Koodo.. and over the years I've added my kids as they matured enough for a phone... I have 5 kids and with my husband I already have 5 phones on the account and I'm ready to add another kid. Can exceptions be made to this 5 phone rule?

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You can call customer service and see if they can make an exception for you, they'll either do it or not but you'll have to talk to them about it and they may see your a good customer and be able to override the limit. Good luck hope it works out for you Nycole
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Unfortunately it isn't possible. I've talked to channel reps about this when I used to sell Koodo over a year ago and the system doesn't allow them to have more than 5. The only way is you'll have to do prepaid for them, or migrate someone off to their own account and then add your other kid on to the main post paid account.
Thanks guys, I guess I'll look into other options.
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Nycole Machin wrote:

Thanks guys, I guess I'll look into other options.

Just open up a separate line from your current one. Simple. Solves the issue.
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Good luck with your options. Also just so you know, Koodo's only been around since 2008. It's 2015 now, which is a difference of 7 years. You said you've been with them for over 10. I'd love to see your time machine!