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I need assistance please.

  • 29 September 2013
  • 4 replies

I need help with my phone,I have a Galaxy ace 2,it's not letting me send photos although I have unlimited texting and picture messaging. Ive tried restarting it and both boxes in my data application are check marked. The photo I am trying to send is pending and it keeps saying that it will send when the service becomes available. What is the problem here? and how do I fix it?

4 replies

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Hey Luna, You have data included in your plan?
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Hey Luna, You have data included in your plan?You don't have to have data in your plan for it to work. All the talk and text plans have picture messaging included. You just have to have your data on.
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Pull out the battery and sim for a couple of minutes and then put them back and see if that works.

Also does your data work (try go onto the internet) when you are not on wifi?
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maybe the reception in your area is not that good, try sending i different locations ex. starbucks and see if it works 🙂