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I'm STILL getting phone calls everyday from people trying to contact the person who had my phone number before?

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Yup. Numbers get recycled over time. You tell them they are no longer at that number? You can always change numbers if it is really bothering you. But this happens to recycled numbers all the time. Especially if the previous person didnt pay their bills NOTE: I change the category of this from PRAISE to QUESTION
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Hey Patricia! Sorry to hear, I know how frustrating it can be. This does happen from time to time as when a number gets cancelled it goes away for a bit then comes back as a recycled number. You can always change your number via self serve or call customer service and have them change the number for you. 🙂 hope this helps, Have a good day
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If it's constantly the same number calling, you could block these numbers via the device. If it's always different numbers then you'll need to change your number. This can be done for free via self serve.